Friday, 16 December 2011


This week has been a mish-mash of tasks. While still frantically sewing for Christmas (no worries, I still have another week, right?), actually playing with my children, keeping on top of the laundry, feeding my family and generally keeping everything ticking over, I also offered to make cakes for my son’s Year 1 Christmas party. After realising that I was genuinely offering to make enough cakes for 75 children they said “yes”. So here they are (a small selection)!
It seems the Reception Year staff were a bit disappointed I couldn’t make another 75 for them, having tried them last year when Matthew was still in Reception.

Back to the sewing machine now! Oh, and vacuuming, and laundry, and I think the girls are hungry again….

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sew busy!

Still sewing like crazy. So much so that at one point I emptied my pin cushion which inspired a small moment of pin art.
Well, it’s not like I can show you what I am actually making.

Friday, 2 December 2011


Gotta love a bad pun!
Having been following various other blogs recently I was inspired to create my own advent calendar for the children. I started with the large collection of small boxes I acquired after my sister-in-law’s wedding (they were favour boxes at the reception). Having been hoarding them for over 3 years now I was glad to find a use for them.
Add some string (to hold them closed properly), a nearly empty can of silver spray, and lots of bling we achieved something approaching what I intended (the children like it anyway) and I filled it with mini pyramid bags with jelly beans inside.


In the post

Following on from my previous post I have actually made something I am allowed to blog about. Unfortunately I was so eager to get it in the post in time (birthday present) I forgot to photograph it.
However, if you can use your imagination it looked like this:
Prudent Mama FatQuarter Apron

but in this fabric:


and trimmed with giant yellow ric-rac.

And because I can (and because I had a small remnant left over) it was dispatched in a matching drawstring bag. (I remember reading somewhere that drawstring bags were addictive, and it turns out to be true!)