Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stopping by…

School holidays this month, so we have been very busy in not obviously productive ways. Apart from the sheer number of name tapes I have been sewing into school uniforms now that I have two in school from next month. Haven’t got around to checking the length of the new school trousers and sewing turn-ups yet. That can wait until the night before.
In addition I have half made a handful of dresses, but nothing to show as progress.
This month’s sewalong is aimed at the UFO – unfinished objects – but I’ve got a bit sidelined as I don’t really have any sewing UFOs, just DIY ones. Our biggest one is our lounge. We massively renovated it last summer, but  that left us with a bare room, which we managed to paint in time for Christmas. This year we took the floor up (again) to fix the wobbly bits we didn’t notice last year, and we have installed 2/3 of the skirting board. Now we just have to install the final 1/3 (which involves moving all the really big bits of furniture) and then paint 22 metres of board.
Progress 2013
We have also built three radiator covers (I say we, I mean Robert) and am in the process of painting those too. Another few weeks and most of everything should be finished.

Monday, 5 August 2013


Pirate PiperIn the midst of all my dress planning we had another birthday come up (every year!) This time my 4 year old niece who, I have been told, is into all things pirates (Arrr!).
So it was pirate costume time. Thanks again to Dana of MADE for her pirate waistcoat tutorial/pattern. It needed a little resizing because Cali is bigger than the paper pattern she provides, but with a my own 4 and 7 year olds to measure up I think I achieved the right size.
A quick rummage through my newly organised fabric stash and I had some purple velvety stuff for the waistcoat, some blue voile for the sash and some blue and white paisley-ish cotton print for the trim and headscarf. Also thanks to my Mum who provided the ugliest/most pirate treasure-y buckle for the sash (4 year olds and knots aren’t a great combination).
And the finished product (as modelled by Piper, just before it went in the post – and don’t worry, she hasn’t lost an arm in battle).

Friday, 2 August 2013

My Dress

I have a plan!
Dress Pattern V2902_2I have a pattern
and I have the fabricFabric Cropped
I even have the perfect occasion to wear it (smart Hen Lunch in London next month).
AND I have started making it!!
Bodice Toile Cropped
Rest assured this is NOT the final look. I do not wear yellow (even if it looks white), and it will have a skirt! This is however a toile (or the rough draft). I get to mark all the changes I need to make on it, try them out, try it on again, and assuming it fits properly then transfer the changes back to my original pattern pieces and do it for real in the actual fabric.
Watch this space for the completed item…