Monday, 10 February 2014

The Christmas 2013 Picture Extravaganza!

Otherwise known as a somewhat belated, picture heavy, recap on Christmas.

Teatowels (I cheated – in the interests of sanity, and not having to go to the fabric shop again, I bought ready made tea towels!)Teatowels

Aprons – for two utterly different people! And modelled manfully by Robert and, er… the door!Aprons

Butterflies – courtesy of Lier of Ikatbag’s brilliant and simple tutorial. Unfortunately my really careful calculations for the amount of fabric needed missed a bit and I now I have about 3 metres of really quite pink fleece lurking in my stash. :-/Butterflies

Slippers (again), this time made from one of these – perfect for my little big sister (as modelled by Piper, which is why they look a bit roomy).Stripy Slippers

Rompers for my nephew – NOT FROM SCRAPS!! I actually won this in a giveaway at My Happy Sewing Place. Katie from Little Dress Kits had kindly given Debi one of her kits to give to one of her readers, and it was me! Aside from some slight heavy handedness on my part it was great. Once I had finished cannibalising the cutting process the whole thing came together very well. I have yet to see small Stocks in it, so we will all have to make do with Pyjama Dog standing in.Rompers all

Cody BagAnd a bag for my newly acquired but much older nephew.












Inspired by Karen of Did you make that? I made some quilted mats.
A seasonal table mat:Place Mat 2

Coastersand two sets of coasters – one in seasonal fabric. The other was for my new Brother in law – and true to form I failed to photograph! However somewhat like the first set of coasters, but made out of remnants waistcoats from the Cathy & Skip Wedding Show.

nearly there

Patchwork denim cushion…Denim Cushion

A log carrier for my country dwelling parents made of this…

Log Carrier Fabric

And finally, two candle holders made of salvaged wood from Robert’s workshop. One was a piece of fence post, which once it had been planed and sanded turned out to have a delicate pink cast one one side. I indulged in a little light stencilling (pun fully intended) and waxing. Candle Light

The other – a piece of joist - was a bit more worn, but the woodworm tracks add a nice texture, and the nail holes were camouflaged with a flourish of butterflies.Butterfly candle holder

thank you, and

The End