Monday, 17 June 2013

Giraffes and Geraniums

One of my friends (after a really hard pregnancy and delivery) finally arrived home with her new little girl. Definitely worthy of a present, but more than that, her son, who is a school friend of Matthew, really needed something too having had a crazy few months in the build up.

While newbies don’t wear the same clothes for very long this one is so tiny that she will probably get more use out of her first clothes than mine did, so I decided to go with making her a dress. I used the Little Geranium dress pattern from Made-By-Rae. She has made the newborn size available for free, and if it wasn’t that my girls are nearly too old for the sizing I would probably buy the full pattern.


To tie in with big brother, who loves giraffes, I decided the dress – and a t-shirt for him – should have giraffes stencilled on them. This was by far the most fiddly part – cutting out freezer paper stencils for both items (and giraffes have lots of detail with their patterning). Then mixing the right giraffe colour and away we paint


. Happiness all around with the end result.

t-shirt and dress