Friday, 22 February 2013


Phone Case 2This month’s sew along challenge was to make something for someone I love. Which meant that I no longer had any reason to avoid actually making the long promised phone case for Robert’s new (well, 4 months old) phone. Robert is gratifyingly one of those people whose phone lives in its case almost all the time, so the last one was well worn (read: a bit grubby and grimy) after 2 year’s use. However as he was foolish enough to upgrade in the pre-Christmas run up he has had to wait a while for the new case…

Phone Case - clips

I would also like to share just how much I LOVE my new “Wonder Clips” – they have made this job so much easier (pins and denim are never an easy combination because of the thicknesses involved). And yes, I did use them for the more than just holding my makers label in place, I just failed to photograph any other moments.
Now to bestow some love on my daughters’ curtains, oh, and perhaps my daughters too. ;-)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Up and away *

Child with Bag1We have reached a milestone of sorts. Matthew has been invited to birthday party by a school friend for the second year in a row. Which in friendship terms is a good thing, but in present giving terms is a bit more challenging. Up until now Matthew has given his friends drawstring back packs, but Kyle already has one, so I had to think again…

This Christmas I made pencil cases for each of my children, so Robert suggested I carry that forward. However I didn’t have any stash fabric which seemed right for this project – sturdy enough for a pencil case, or boyish enough for a 7 year old boy. However, with the use of another remnant of calico, a recycled zip, my trusty fabric paints and a wooden stamp I bought at last year’s Knitting and Stitching Show I made this…

Up and Away Pencil Case 2
The kites on their own seemed a little random to me, so I worked in the idea of a simplistic skyline over which the kites would fly. Slightly rustic, but definitely an idea I want to take further. To make it a more complete present I have  (obviously) filled the case with pencils, and printed out  a couple of pages of the Paper City Road Trip from Made by Joel to create a whole activity set. 

*(Title courtesy of Robin who was very taken with the colourful kites and spent the morning dancing around singing “up and away”.)