Monday, 19 November 2012

Bit busy

I seem to have been caught out rejoicing over the return to school, and still haven’t achieved anything like as much as I thought I would by now. Apparently weekends are full of family activities, while weekdays are challenging, and full of Robin, even if Piper is at pre-school part time. Christmas? What Christmas? And as for ever finishing off the decorating – well that needs Robert and I to find curtains that we can both live with.
On the plus side we had a lovely cold wet holiday in South Wales, with lots of family.
WP_000921 WP_000928
WP_000933 WP_000934
And my own personal golden moment – watching Matthew do actual sewing for his homework.
WP_000939 WP_000941 WP_000942 WP_000943
WP_000944 WP_000945 WP_000946 WP_000947
WP_000949 WP_000950 WP_000951 WP_000953
My inability to photograph finished projects before they leave the house has struck again, but the objective was to clothe a pirate model (which he had made) using different materials – e.g. soft, strong, waterproof. This is Matthew sewing up the fake leather trousers. We also equipped him with a red t-shirt and a waterproof poncho. It was great.
I also made another phone case, and sent it off to its new home without photographing it.
Now I really am focusing on Christmas (and decorating), honest!