Thursday, 27 October 2011

Finished, with 20 minutes on the clock

WP_000270This afternoon my little boy went out to play with friends (for possibly the first time), and was going to need his car booster seat in order to get home. Given how cumbersome they are he obviously needed a custom bag to carry it on the bus, and with 6 hours before he left, why not? (yeah, I know, I’m insane).

WP_000278However after about an hour of thinking (and more thinking, and a bit of internet poking, realising that officially I possessed none of the recommended items for making a bag, and just a bit more thinking) I got the scissors out and started cutting out rectangles from an old cushion cover.

WP_000273If I made it again it would probably be constructed in a completely different order, and with some more conventional bits and bobs rather than random items from my shelves, but when Matthew left at 4:30 he had a recognisable bag which wasn’t spilling its contents all over the floor and actually stayed on. So a good job in that respect, I just need to see how all that stick on velcro has worked (didn’t have any sew on velcro to hand) or whether it will have all peeled off by the time he gets home.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Just a taster

We have just spent the weekend in Newquay celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday. Which is why I spent a large chunk of last week baking; 1 large (12”) raspberry jam sponge with white chocolate butter cream icing and 108 chocolate buns topped with either our classic chocolate fudge icing or peppermint buttercream. And rock.
Hopefully there will be more photos to follow, so you too can share in the cake extravaganza and enjoy the rainbow creations some of the girls and boys were wearing.
In the meantime enjoy this peppermint cake – I’m not sure I want to see one again for a little while…

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sunbathing in October…

Well, yes, Bournemouth has been full of sun-seeking tourists this month, but I mean Matthew’s deckchair inspired beanbag.

It is nearly 1 metre across and has been met with great favour by all who have sat on it. Even my husband, who does not like sitting on the floor, is enjoying bedtime stories as the two of them sit on it together while enjoying Mr Galliano’s Circus.

Now I really have to knuckle down and make some of the trimmings for the upcoming grand birthday party. The girls are all having tutus (made by my super talented mum) but I need to make a co-ordinated button-hole flower type thing for the boy. Off to trawl the internet for instructions.