Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bookmark this!

It has been a month of sorting and planning rather than undertaking large projects. I have made myself new “byGaenor” tags to sew into my products, I invoiced for my first commission and I made a big list of all the things I need to make over the next month or so.
Starting with these for the school fete.

Robert was kind enough to say they even tempted him to put down his kindle and read a proper book, just so he could use one. Think these too might make a good addition to the shop, especially as they were so easy to make (once I put a sharp needle in my machine and solved the knotting thread problem).
Here’s to the next three weeks of making – before the school holidays start and I get nothing done.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Back in business!

It has been a while, but I have now (finally) updated my Folksy shop. We managed a photo shoot back at Easter and it has taken me until now to get focussed on putting the photos, descriptions and shop all in the same place.
It looks like this:
(models not for sale)
screenshot - shop
There are a couple more things to come later this week (tea towels, a reversible bag in Amy Butler Love Sunspots) and in between birthday presents I intend to add some Baby Bunting. Hopefully I can work on getting word out there and people will want to buy something.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

It’s been a busy week.

I approached this half term week with some trepidation, as there was just so much to do!
Jubilee Cake 2
We started out with the Jubilee weekend, and the grand cake making.

Stripy Drawstring Bag

This was supposed to be followed by a day out in the New Forest with some grandparents, but Matthew broke his toe on the Bouncy Castle at the Jubilee Party, so Monday was cancelled. Instead we made another stripy back pack for a birthday present.

Baby Bunting-AliceThen we had lovely visitors and some horrible weather which we combined with making more Baby Bunting for a new baby and tried to have a picnic on the most ridiculously wet day of the whole week.
Six CakeBakingHaving said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, we made cakes like they were going out of fashion (2 birthdays this weekend), and Butterfly Cakepersonalised them! (Gotta love ready roll coloured icing).

Birthday GirlA bit of frantic beaching, an outdoor birthday party and then a family tea for our own birthday girl and we are about done…

Roll on school.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Oriental Tea (towels)

This very exciting (in a tea-towelly sort of way), because I am about to get paid for sewing for the first time!
WP_000353My sister in law wanted some tea towels for her kitchen which were a little more individual than the regular shop bought/Cath Kidston style tea towels which she had seen so far. So a few weeks ago we did a little research and found some cotton duck which she liked.

After a ridiculous amount of time spent measuring and calculating and curling up in bed feeling rotten I actually cut into the fabric and have just despatched “6 Oriental Blossom Tea Towels in Fawn and Duck Egg Blue”. Hopefully Sue will like them as much as mum and I do.

Because of the way things have turned out I actually have another pair soon to be listed on Folksy once we have done a little photo shoot (that doesn’t involved my camera phone and the washing line).