Friday, 25 May 2012


by Matthew
This week’s make was Matthew’s. His school is a Rights Respecting School, and the children there created a creature called Beegu as a focus for their for learning about rights respecting activities.
His homework assignment involved making a “Rights Respecting Friend” for Beegu and then writing about him.
This is Boeuf. (Note: we helped provide a spelling which matched the pronunciation he was using).Boeuf
 (I guided the method of construction, given materials at hand and time scales, but the design was all Matthew’s).
Matthew wrote:
Boeuf has yellow button feet and all of the holding together bits are wire. He has beads all around the wire that the Yellow buttons are on. He has two faces with painted on eyes. He has pipe-cleaner arms and Green buttons for the bit holding his legs on to his faces. He’s a little bit shorter than my drinks bottle.
What are the qualities of a good friend?
Like the same things
Play together
Write about Boeuf.
Boeuf’s rocket booster feet help him move around really fast in the water and in the air. His favourite food is mint ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate stripes. At night Boeuf sleeps above where his food is. Beegu and Boeuf play hide and seek most of the time.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More Trouser Art

Trouser Art 1Just recently I actually got around to making some more decorative patches, specifically for my elder sister who loved the one I made for my daughter’s trousers last year. The timing worked well as not only does she now have holes in her trouser, but I managed to get them ready for the new school term – my sister is a teacher who loves her job, but gets end of the holiday blues, so she got these with instructions not to open them until the last day of the holidays.
Trouser Art 3
I actually forgot to photograph these at the time, but conveniently she had them with her when she stopped by for birthday-ness at our Mum’s house last week so I attached Trouser Art 2and photographed them there (in good light!).

Technically this was quite an interesting project as I wanted each patch to be different from the others, but still very Cathy. The daisy was fiddly, but basically a reworking of the one I made for Piper’s trousers last year. The blue patch was very simple, but so satisfying and possibly my favourite. The orange and  yellow was a bit of a departure in style, as it came from a piece of flimsy printed fabric which I reinforced with calico. It then needed brightening up as it had black outline, so I hand-stitched satin stitches all around the edge and inner boundary to match the heart of the flower, and made the stem green. Time consuming but also satisfying.
Lots more projects coming up over the next couple of months, so hopefully I’ll have time to blog about them too.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Somehow another month has passed without me reporting in on anything, not even domestic activities. It was sunny, then it rained a lot so we haven’t really done anything. Apart from housework, which I don’t routinely photograph.
However, the last week has been a little busier with two birthdays to present make for. The first of these was my Mum’s, and as  part of my goal to make her all the things she likes I made her the Reversible Shoulder Bag, Mark II.
Reversible Green Bag MkII
The same weekend a friend celebrated his 40th birthday and his wife organised a Christmas themed party for him. We weren’t able to attend (celebrating with Mum!) but I did send them a pair of Christmas Stockings (it seemed appropriate).
Christmas Stockings
They were made completely out of things I already had in my cupboard (thereby justifying my hoarding) and came together relatively easily – especially after I realised I could hide a multitude of sins with ribbon!
Now I need to have a go at personalising the ones my mum made for my children last Christmas (when I ran out of time on Christmas Eve).