Thursday, 10 May 2012


Somehow another month has passed without me reporting in on anything, not even domestic activities. It was sunny, then it rained a lot so we haven’t really done anything. Apart from housework, which I don’t routinely photograph.
However, the last week has been a little busier with two birthdays to present make for. The first of these was my Mum’s, and as  part of my goal to make her all the things she likes I made her the Reversible Shoulder Bag, Mark II.
Reversible Green Bag MkII
The same weekend a friend celebrated his 40th birthday and his wife organised a Christmas themed party for him. We weren’t able to attend (celebrating with Mum!) but I did send them a pair of Christmas Stockings (it seemed appropriate).
Christmas Stockings
They were made completely out of things I already had in my cupboard (thereby justifying my hoarding) and came together relatively easily – especially after I realised I could hide a multitude of sins with ribbon!
Now I need to have a go at personalising the ones my mum made for my children last Christmas (when I ran out of time on Christmas Eve).

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