Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Stashbusting

September… September? Oh, right the one between August and October when everything happens and there is no time to blog? I remember.
September 2013This month’s theme was sewing for kids, which frankly is what most of my sewing is anyway; unfortunately this month’s crop wasn’t very newsworthy…
We had a vast amount of label sewing (using up my label stash one by one… stretching a point too far? oh, alright then.) Combined of course with the annual sewing of the school trouser turn-ups.
Then there was the last minute swimming bag, which actually used stash material. I forgot until the night before his first session that Matthew didn’t actually have an appropriate bag. And I can’t even show a photo as I didn’t snap one earlier, and today is swimming day.
In fact the highlight seems to be Piper’s birthday hedgehogs.
My Mum and I have of course been making wedding clothes for all and sundry, including our four diminutive bridesmaids, but I can’t release photos of those in all their glory until next month. Sorry.
Ah, well, roll on October with it’s theme of Unselfish Sewing, into which 2 out of my 3 scheduled projects should fit.