Friday, 1 June 2012

Oriental Tea (towels)

This very exciting (in a tea-towelly sort of way), because I am about to get paid for sewing for the first time!
WP_000353My sister in law wanted some tea towels for her kitchen which were a little more individual than the regular shop bought/Cath Kidston style tea towels which she had seen so far. So a few weeks ago we did a little research and found some cotton duck which she liked.

After a ridiculous amount of time spent measuring and calculating and curling up in bed feeling rotten I actually cut into the fabric and have just despatched “6 Oriental Blossom Tea Towels in Fawn and Duck Egg Blue”. Hopefully Sue will like them as much as mum and I do.

Because of the way things have turned out I actually have another pair soon to be listed on Folksy once we have done a little photo shoot (that doesn’t involved my camera phone and the washing line).

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