Friday, 22 February 2013


Phone Case 2This month’s sew along challenge was to make something for someone I love. Which meant that I no longer had any reason to avoid actually making the long promised phone case for Robert’s new (well, 4 months old) phone. Robert is gratifyingly one of those people whose phone lives in its case almost all the time, so the last one was well worn (read: a bit grubby and grimy) after 2 year’s use. However as he was foolish enough to upgrade in the pre-Christmas run up he has had to wait a while for the new case…

Phone Case - clips

I would also like to share just how much I LOVE my new “Wonder Clips” – they have made this job so much easier (pins and denim are never an easy combination because of the thicknesses involved). And yes, I did use them for the more than just holding my makers label in place, I just failed to photograph any other moments.
Now to bestow some love on my daughters’ curtains, oh, and perhaps my daughters too. ;-)

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