Monday, 5 August 2013


Pirate PiperIn the midst of all my dress planning we had another birthday come up (every year!) This time my 4 year old niece who, I have been told, is into all things pirates (Arrr!).
So it was pirate costume time. Thanks again to Dana of MADE for her pirate waistcoat tutorial/pattern. It needed a little resizing because Cali is bigger than the paper pattern she provides, but with a my own 4 and 7 year olds to measure up I think I achieved the right size.
A quick rummage through my newly organised fabric stash and I had some purple velvety stuff for the waistcoat, some blue voile for the sash and some blue and white paisley-ish cotton print for the trim and headscarf. Also thanks to my Mum who provided the ugliest/most pirate treasure-y buckle for the sash (4 year olds and knots aren’t a great combination).
And the finished product (as modelled by Piper, just before it went in the post – and don’t worry, she hasn’t lost an arm in battle).

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