Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Retrospective (I) - Aprons

5672342624_c8becb66ca_mI have been cross-stitching from kits on and off for years, but it feels like my sewing journey really started off again this spring. I was browsing in the charity shop with my daughters in tow when I found a yellow gingham pillow case. My 2 year old then exclaimed “oh, just what I have been looking for. It is just my colour!” (huh?), So for 25p we took it home and then I had to work out how to make an apron from it. Much internet research later I had picked up enough hints and tips to create a totally length adjustable, pretty little apron. Then I made another one for my niece; now I just need to make one for daughter No.2.
ApronsThen my 5 year old son wanted a new apron too, so I went back to one of the blogs I had seen – Mama Byrd -  and used that as the basis for  his (two) aprons – well, one always seems to be in the wash.
Peg BagWhile I had been doing all this apron research I came across a tutorial for a utility apron which looked ideal for a new peg bag (mine was nearly 20 years old and disintegrating) and created this.

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