Monday, 23 January 2012

Christmas is experiencing some delay…

I would have shared all the wonderful Christmas things I have made by now, but I am still trying to get the rest of the photos from Robert(‘s camera). He says things like “what do you think I get paid for” and goes back to work. Hmmph. However I am sure that he will soon have 5 minutes to call his own (or mine) and will get them to me.

Birthday Montage 3In the meantime we have started the next lot of birthday celebrations. My little boy turned 6 a couple of weeks ago (and frankly isn’t that little either). However because his birthday is on New Year’s Eve we had a quiet celebration with family.

Then we had our first “Birthday Party” the following weekend. It was an experience to say the least! We have given ourselves a vague theme of Knights (and not Nights as Matthew initially thought). So we had knightish cakes, bunting and pin the tail on the noble steed (thank you Cathy!)

Nine 5/6 year olds plus two 3 year olds quite filled the house, and apparently the favourite game was either running around in circles (lounge/hall/kitchen/back porch/lounge) screaming a lot, or climbing into Matthew’s ceiling high bed and filling it with every toy in the house. We also played pass the parcel.

They played, we fed them, they played some more and then went home and the whirlwind stopped. I think they had fun – Matthew said he did. And we didn’t hate it, so maybe we’ll try again next year.

PS – you will have to imagine the photo of the “castle” cake for the moment – it turns out that photo is on Robert’s camera too!

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