Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Hero!

Girls TutuA couple of weeks ago the children went to a fancy dress birthday party – Pirates, Princesses and Super Heroes. The girls were easy – out came the rainbow tutus again, but Matthew wanted to be a super hero.
After discussion we agreed that a superhero needs a cape, a mask, and a t-shirt with the superhero motif on it (and no, Matthew did not use the word “motif). His choice of colours was – conveniently – pale blue with red accents. So I found a pale blue sheet in my stash, and a matching t-shirt in his “nearly too small” pile of t-shirts. One red scarf, and some bits of felt later and I was in business.

The silver lightning bolts and the power cuffs were an extra bonus which he loved.
2012_03_03_11_48_19Of course the lesson I have learned over the years is that costumes have to be wearable in the same way as everyday clothes. If it gets too hot, or gets in the way of playing it comes off! (as did the mask and power cuffs during the party). The t-shirt and short cape stayed on all day though until we got to the play park on the way home; then it got in the way on the climbing frame and roundabout.
Having had some difficulty finding good guidance online (Mum to the rescue again) I might just try my hand at writing a tutorial on this. You know, when I get a moment.

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