Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hedgehog Day

Also known as Piper’s birthday. Which, as she has been telling anyone who will listen over the last few weeks, means Bolognese and Hedgehog Cake for dinner.
At one point she had grand ideas of hedgehog decorations and hedgehog costumes for all the (adult) guests but we were able to manage her expectations back to just the hedgehog cake.
Hedgehog Cake Piper2013
As a special gift for her I used some of her beloved “slug scraps”* to make a little hedgehog brooch, now known as Hedgy. Not my greatest achievement, but after the third go I gave up trying to improve the shape, and besides which Piper seems to like him, which was the point really.
Hedgehog brooch
* A local (and online) shop called Love From Hetty & Dave makes these fantastic slugs, which Piper likes to go and visit. Last time we were there Zoe kindly gave Piper some tweed scraps from the slug she was making. Piper is quite attached to them. And has a postcard of one of the slugs on her bedroom wall.

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