Friday, 24 January 2014

Well, hello there.

Turns out last year got quite busy, and I utterly failed to post anything after the start of October.
To put this into context, the rest of October was spend frantically sewing for the wedding including the essential, if last minute, aprons for the bridesmaids. This was followed by the frantic baking of three different flavour wedding cakes, and then a convoluted system of travel to get everyone and everything from Dorset to London plus two days of church and venue decorating.
Wedding montage
Wedding was lovely.
From London we went directly to Cornwall for our hectic and ridiculously stormy half-term holiday, and once we got back it was Christmas all the way! Christmas was a personal stash-busting special, so I will be posting about that separately, but suffice to say, with 20 presents to make over two months I was a bit busy. Especially as it turns out that the whole family still wanted feeding on a regular basis! Oh, and I have been running our church choir, so we had 3 “events” to prepare for, and I accidentally invited them all home for a Christmas party so had to do housework too! If I wasn’t so haphazard I might even be accused of overachieving.
On top of all that we spent Christmas out in the countryside and the storms knocked out the phones and internet so we had a low-tech Christmas (no bad thing) followed by more hospitality back home before the children finally went back to school.
I have every intention of now being much more organised and consistent, but we all know how that one goes…

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