Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas round-up

This year I thought I might actually post about all the Christmas making I did before next Christmas rolls around and the whole thing becomes irrelevant. Not that it is terribly relevant now, as those people who received handmade gifts know what they look like and those who didn’t probably don’t care. But it makes me feel validated, and offers some kind of justification for working flat out for the last month.
There were:
Christmas-scented decorations -
Decorations 1 Decorations 2

Fridge Magnets -
Fridge Magnets Pink Fridge Magnets Rose

Memo Boards -
Memo Board - gold Memo Boards - pink and green

Pencil Cases, Tea Towels, a Bow Tie, a Cushion and some Bookmarks -
Pencil Cases Penguin tea towels
Bow Tie WP_001152
Black bookmarks And apparently I completely failed to photograph (!) the shirt style peg bag I made.
Not to mention the awesome superhero cape and mask for Super Cali (and her dad).

So... on to the next year…

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  1. Christmas was a very busy 'creating' time for you - glad you where able to photograph a few of them. Off to have a peek around your blog...J