Monday, 21 January 2013

Joining in

In an uncharacteristic turn I have signed up to join in a community activity. Admittedly this is an online community activity, not a real life one, but it is definitely pushing my comfort zone. On top of that I have committed to making  things, as per our shared monthly goals and challenges, out of some of the fabric I have stashed around the house – you know, in my sewing corner, in the stationery cupboard (yeah, I know), disguised as household linens, a box in the loft… This month’s goal is to use up some of the smaller scraps, which is going well so far.
I am also determined to actually make some clothing this year – especially as I have  a length of fabric bought specifically to make a skirt, which hasn’t happened yet. I also earmarked a couple of charity shop finds to make dresses for my daughters that really need to happen in time for this summer.
 Sewalong fabric
Watch this space…

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