Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flappity flippers

Which makes sense if you have under children under 6 who are obsessed with the Octonauts. One of the most heard phrases in our house is “I’m Kwazii and Piper’s Peso”. (Sometimes followed by the slightly more cryptic “and Robin is Pinto”).
So you can imagine the fun that they had with the Octonauts comic Matthew bought recently, especially as it came with a medical kit for Peso. Less fun for me as the bits (bandages, medicine tube, stethoscope) tend to end up lying all over the floor. So I have just indulged in my first secret overnight project (Christmas and birthdays not included) and Peso now has a case for the med kit.
Med Kit
Can’t wait until they see it.

**UPDATE** Sometimes I don't know why I set myself up like this! Piper's response was great - non-verbal squeaks of excitement. Matthew (to paraphrase) said "it's great. Why didn't you do it like this though?" Hmmph.

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