Friday, 17 February 2012

I did it!!

Denim Ribbon skirt
At last, I have actually made a garment of clothing for one of my children. It is not the most stylish of articles – just a simple gathered skirt in bits of denim salvaged from a trouser leg, and a remnant of ribbon – but it fits and looks right. Not that Robin has kept it on much this afternoon, but that is more to do with her recently acquired skills in undressing herself than any reflection on my sewing (or so I like to think).

Robin is really working the urchin look at the moment!

FYI, the large warts over her right knee are in fact gathered flowers (one in denim, the other in white satin ribbon). I could not get them to photograph at all well.

The key benefit of this skirt (aside from the fact that Robin gets an item of clothing out of it) is that I was able to practice a few new techniques. Namely, fake overlocking the edges with zigzag stitch, fitting elasticated waistbands and binding seams with ribbon to hide the unsightly edging and reduce bulk. I may well have another go with lighter weight fabric and other decorative techniques. Watch this space…

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