Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Still reeling, and utterly biased

Since Christmas I have been rearranging and massively tidying my working area so that I can actually do things at my desk other than just move the same pile of rubbish around.
Part of this involved sorting out all my thread so that I can see what colours I have when setting up for a project. I have quite a lot.
Cotton Reels1
Cotton Reels 2
I then realised a needed more reels for storing all my biased binding and other ribbons and strings. I found these very reasonably priced at The Stamp Attic.
Reels 3
Some of the binding/tapes are shop bought, but now I need never buy bias binding again as I have these:
Bias Tape Maker
They look a little odd, but are very good! Once you have fed the unfolded tape into the gadget  you then pull it through and it comes out folded and just needs ironing to stay flat. A distinct improvement on my previous technique which mostly involved singeing my finger tips! Thank you to everyone who gave me one of these for Christmas or my birthday!

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