Saturday, 4 February 2012

A wooden leg named Smith

There is a new addition to the household. Well, not so much new as allowed out of the loft.

Wooden Leg Named Smith 2I had half forgotten that I had another sewing machine in the loft – my sister acquired it from friends years ago when they found it in the cellar of their new house. The first time it moved house with us the case gave up and fell down a flight of outside stairs. Since then it has lived in a big old leather bag in my loft (moving house at least 3 more times).
Just before Christmas we unearthed it and Robert gave it all a good clean and replaced the motor (three cheers for ebay) and now it works beautifully. I just need to rearrange everything so that it no longer has to live in its bag but on the table top ready for use – it is nearly as heavy to move as my vintage Singer. On top of that it lost a leg in that earlier tragic accident, so now it has a temporary wooden leg (named Smith).
Wooden Leg Named Smith 1-1
The advantage of this machine is that it does zig-zag stitch so I can now do more feature details, and I am also planning to have a go at making leggings for my girls. I have already tested it out – details in the next post!

Also, a brief aside for those who care. We now have actual new drapes. My Mum took pity on us living with '80s relics with brick red/orange circles in squares and has let me have a lovely pair of heavy weight cream curtains she isn't currently using. Completely changes the lounge! (not least because now we are not shielding our eyes from the curtains we can see the battleship grey walls. Hmm...)

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