Monday, 6 February 2012

Zig Zag

Apparently birthday party invitations work both ways. Since Matthew’s party a few weeks ago he has received 3 invitations to other children’s parties. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the first one, but a present was called for so I rustled up this:
Back Pack
(By rustled up I mean cut out the carefully measured fabric, realised that I had cut it wrong, and then cut out some extra bits to attach in order to make the bag bigger. Then tested the zig-zag stitching a lot before appliqueing the front of the bag, applying the fabric paint and then sewed the whole thing up. See, easy.)
I was so pleased with this that when I have a few minutes (not this week then!) I may well list this kind of bag for people to order/customise in my folksy shop. It is certainly going to be revisited for the upcoming birthdays.

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